Bad breath is not normal–it’s a sign of disease.  Our hospital offers professional dental cleanings without anesthesia.  What a great way to have that yucky tartar removed.  If your pet’s gums and teeth are healthy and just require a cleaning, and they don’t mind laying in someone’s lap, then this is the way to have them cleaned. Everyone wins with no anesthesia. Their teeth will look great, their mouth will feel great and your pet will have fresh breath.  But, there are other reasons why this needs to be done regularly.  Tartar is basically bacteria cemented on the enamel of the teeth.  This bacteria loves to travel and will migrate via the blood vessels in the gums to other areas of the body…mainly the kidneys, heart valves, liver, and other organ systems. Once here permanent damage may result.

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Anesthetic Dentals:

There are times where anesthesia will be necessary in order to clean or repair a tooth. Our doctor might recommend this if we think that your pet may not hold still for a non-anesthetic cleaning or if a tooth or area of gum needs to be repaired.