Traveling with your mom or dad can make the family vacation even more fun!  Making sure you’re prepared with the proper paperwork and vaccines can be complicated.  Generally, flying within the United States is usually pretty simple provided your parents have checked the requirements of the airline; however, if your family is planning on traveling to another country, it’s recommended they plan as early as possible.

Many countries change their regulations for importing pets frequently and it’s impossible to know every requirement for every single country.  Some countries require special procedures such as a rabies titer being performed six months prior to your departure date, or certain vaccines given within a specific time period which may conflict with your current vaccine schedule.

For international travel, an international health certificate is usually the minimum requirement.  This means that your mom or dad must make an appointment with your veterinarian and then also schedule an appointment with the USDA so that they can stamp the veterinarian signed certificate.

If you do require a health certificate or any veterinarian certified paperwork, rest assured–the professional team at Brickell Bay Animal Hospital will work with you and your family to ensure a smooth arrival for your trip as our veterinarian is accredited to perform health exams and sign health certificates for you as you travel within and out of the United States.

To check your country of destination’s requirements, please ask your parents to go to:

Happy travels!